About Me

A vivid memory of looking at Monet’s water Lillie’s and Van Gogh’s Starry Night in a text book spurred the question when I was 7 that I needed answered, “How did they make that?”. Such a burning question was never forgotten and eventually sent me on my creative journey later in life by pursuing my passion to put my imagination on paper. 

I’m Anthony Garza

Hello, I am Anthony Chase Garza, a Photographer, Videographer and Visual Designer; I typically wear a lot of hats when I work as art is about so much more than pointing a camera or knowing a program. Being creative is a stimulating passion for me, by working together we can chase the light in order to make the magic of our imaginations happen. A little about me, when I am not doing photography I try my hands at wood and stone sculpture, oil-painting, and story-telling through writing or film making, whenever I get the chance as they are apart of my passions that further develop my artistic skills.

My main focus is on Wedding Photography, Videography, and Portrait photography. There is something truly special about being able to capture memories and seeing the joy in people’s eyes when they look back years later. Chasing Lights Media is my way of stimulating my creative side in all fields that I personally study to fulfill my time here. I’ve shot and happily accomplished over 60 weddings either as a lead shooter or a secondary shooter. Let me help you put your memories together and turn the light of your day into a beautiful story to be shared with generations to come.




“Dwell on the Beauty of life, watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” — Marcus Aurelius 

My Skills

I create content and memories. My expertise is in Photography, Videography, and Design. The intention for my creative side is to eventually hold my own as a documentary film maker capturing the truth with my own eyes. My largest clients during the week are real estate shoots for Wanderjaunt or Promotional Videos for Data Centers like Element Critical and the list goes on and on. On the Weekends I primarily focus on capturing special moments and memories at special events and weddings. Being able to capture peoples happiness is always something I look forward to while at the same time telling their story. You could say I have channeled all my skills into having fun and making memories while I work.

The Origin or Chasing Light’s Media name. 

A little history about my company’s name, if you are curious, as it took years to decide and yet it was such a simple idea when it finally agreed with my personal mantra and life journey. The name and brand should represent who you are as a person and after 1000’s of different names, nothing really stood out to me. Who I am and what I represent are truly important to me as names reflect the character, integrity, and atmosphere I want to bring to my clients. Life is about the experience, what you learn and gain from past lessons folds into who you are or who you become. Perfectionism should always be taken in stride and looking for new ways to grow are passions of mine. One day I was daydreaming while waiting tables and thinking about my name; it’s story, origin, and all the ways it’s changed over the years as life carried on. Who I am and my name has evolved with me and as they say, the rest becomes history.

My company name’s origin was based through my own feelings of chasing my dreams that have been with me before I knew they were dreams. My great grandmother was named Aurora and unfortunately, I never got to meet her, yet I’ve heard wonderful stories about her and her name is truly beautiful, evoking a sense of serenity and peace. Her name is the inspiration behind my logo colors and some of my paintings as an artist, I am always chasing light and have been captivated by pretty lights. A big dream of mine is to see the Aurora Borealis in its entirety all over the world to pay homage to my family, those who have passed, and the differences we all have in this world. 

May we all Chase the Light of our dreams and have a happy and beautiful day! May it be filled with Light and Love!

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