Title Sequence

My Octopus Teacher

When this documentary came out, I had an issue with the initial opening. There was a beautiful speech and narrative that wouldn’t bother me if it was the second watch. I’m not into spoilers or showing the entire film roughly in the opening sequence and my octopus teacher unfortunately did that, with a reason of course but all the same rarely do I enjoy that sort of introduction. After seeing an opportunity to remake it, I went with as abstract of a message as possible while still wanting to engage the viewer with the natural intrigue and beauty of the ocean.  

Everything you see was filmed and manipulated in Camera. 

My octopus Teacher

A rendition of a title sequence from a beautiful Documentary filmed in South Africa. I created an introduction sequence that would be the antithesis of the original introduction to allow other paths of creativity that lead towards intrigue as opposed to using a summation of clips from the whole film to build the initial narrative.   


Keeping imagination and ambitions in check.

Filming and animation costs time and money. The best thing when creating a concept is keeping it within realistic expectations and budget. Animation was something I was interested in and heavily considered. The most practical method of pursuing my concept though ended up being storyboards that allowed me to film and blend animation if I needed to. Another key point is asset collection, being able to reuse assets was a big reason why I chose the storyboard heavily revolving around ink. The abstract nature of this project is intended to both satisfy the interest of seeing a less obvious title sequence as well as facilitate future use with new projects. 

Tempura Acrylic Paint Multiple Colors
Table to Support Tank
Fish Tank
Squeeze Bottles
Food Injectors
Food Dye
White, Black, Blue backdrops.
Hose to drain water


Canon 5d mkiv
Canon 70D
Samsung Galaxy S20
35 mm Macro
100 mm Macro
70 – 200 mm 2.8
2 Studio LED Pixel Lights.
Fluid head
Fluid ball head.
2 Sd cards standard 128G


Process Documentation