ELYSIA Brewing Co.

Returning to the roots of simplicity in design and in beer. Let the brand represent the product both in imagery and taste. Elysia is synonymous with heavenly golden wheat fields.  

Logo Design For Elysia Brewing Co.

The inspiration and main focus was simplicity. Reducing convoluted branding and packaging and keeping the core elements of what makes a company great, the product. The imagery and logo are designed intentionally to return the mind towards nature and the peace it brings. 


Mission Statement

We are a new standing brewery wanting to bring back the heroes of old. Combining new styles of beer with older, traditional styles, as well as reviving rich classic tastes in order to create an interesting history with our clientelle. Our relationship to our guests is unique to our mission. A guest under our roof is a guest at our home. The world’s a big place. Wonders and unthinkable possibilities are riddled in mythology, so why can’t the same be said for beer. Ancient myths spoke of Gods and Men together gaining glory and fame. Let’s bring Man and beer together to obtain a new story. Obtaining quality materials and maintaining an economic footprint on our environment is constantly in mind, there is nothing that goes to waste. We humbly invite you to join our Elysium and sit with the Heroes of Old while you enjoy a cold glass.


In order to create a brewery with breath and air, a clean look to the overall design was considered since the beginning. A modern interpretation of Elysium splashed with classical Greek mythos is the overall tone. Each type of beer is paired with a significant hero who travelled to Elysium by living a glorious life with heroic deeds. This hero concept sets up for further Brands of beer and allows for grouping of certain heroes for special promotions.

For the first line of beer, each flavor and name is based of the ingredients used to make that particular beer. In order to make beer you need water, yeast, wheat, and hops for added flavor. As these elements create life. These ingredients were divided up and assigned to heroes whose lives resembled the personality of the beer. Earth, wind, fire, and water could also be considered a tie into themes. Part of staying away from Greek imagery is to give a modern sense to the word Elysia. Photos are used to represent each beer as a holistic experience and emphasizes the taste. While on the back, the life of the hero unfolds giving a reader a little summary of knowledge about mythical Greek life.

Tag Lines

Heaven After Work.

Watch the Sunset and enjoy a heavenly sip.

Relax. Sip. Rest.




Elysium was a section of the Underworld (the spelling Elysium is a Latinization of the Greek word Elysion). “Elysium is an obscure and mysterious name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, enelysion, enelysios.

The Elysian fields were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous. Two passages in Homer established for Greeks the nature of the Afterlife: the dreamed apparition of the dead Patroclus in the Iliad and the more daring boundary-breaking visit in Odyssey. Greek traditions concerning funerary ritual were reticent, but the Homeric examples encouraged other heroic visits, in the myth cycles accreted upon Theseus and Heracles.
The Elysian Fields lay on the western margin of the Earth, by the encircling stream of Oceanus (Odyssey), and there the mortal relatives of the king of the gods were transported, without tasting death, to enjoy an immortality of bliss (Odyssey book iv: 563). Hesiod refers to the Isles of the Blessed in the Western Ocean (Works and Days).

Pindar makes it a single Isle. Walter Burkert notes the connection with the motif of far-off Dilmun: “Thus Achilles is transported to the White Isle and becomes the Ruler of the Black Sea, and Diomedes becomes the divine lord of an Adriatic island.”

In Elysium, were fields of the pale liliaceous asphodel, and poplars grew. There stood the gates that led to the house of Ais (in Attic dialect “Hades”).