Let's capture the light of your day.

Your Love story, Your Light

There is never a dull moment to film and photograph, I strive to capture as many memories as possible while helping create a seamless experience throughout the day, whether you want it to be captured like movie stars, documentary style, or candidly captured with all the memories making up the beautiful moments.

Wedding Photography

We pride ourselves in capturing as much detail of your special day as possible. We are constantly chasing light and finding the most beautiful ways to capture your wedding day. 


We do Business Headshots, Creative Portraits, and Graduation Portraits. Let the right style represent you. 

turning passion into memories.

Creating art with memories is one of the true joys of my craft. Whether it’s capturing the light of your day or helping fulfill your passion projects, there is no creative project too small. 

Branding Gear uP

Coffee Bean

Gear Up

Coffee Bean

Camp Up

Coffee Bean

Travel Up

Gear Up Is a travel brand designed with the Creative Photographer in mind. A company for those who travel and require professional camera gear but don’t want to risk their personal gear for vacation or profession. Being able to manage your gear, capture content and travel worry free is our mission. 

Branding Elysia Brewing Co. 

Elysia is a Texas Brewing Company dedicated to the creation of beautiful tasting beer that represents the earthly materials it was made from.
Enjoy a little heaven after work. 

Aimee Bender

A writer who paints with words and sends you down an imaginative and thought provoking short stories. You will either want to paint or write after reading one of her stories. 

My octopus Teacher

A rendition of a title sequence from a beautiful Documentary filmed in South Africa. I filmed the exact opposite as a way to show that there are other paths to intrigue.  

Famous Quote Project

Showcasing my own skills for telling a small story and creating content within a narrative in order to promote future artists in an honest and simple way.


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